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Friday, July 24, 2009

A year of columns!

When I came to Socialtext, I heard of number of voices that said the company had a history of problems; but the guy who was trying to bring me in was Chris Mcmahon. And Chris has a reputation for honestly and cogentiality that is simply unmatched in the field. Chris said it was a good deal; I believed him, I took the gig, and I am very glad I did so.

By working together every day, the familiarity I had with Chris soon turned into friendship. Two months into the gig, when I proposed a column for Software Test & Performance Magazine, I pitched Chris as my Co-Author. For some reason, the editor at ST&P went for it. (I suspect it was because of Chris.)

And for a year now, I've have the pleasure of putting out posts that say "hey, check out our newest column in Software Test & Performance Magazine (Link to a PDF). We are on page 9." (Occasionally, page 10.)

Well, just did a major site redesign, and the articles are indexed and available on-line free. Just go to and type in "Heusser" in the search box - or Follow This Link.

If you want to read articles older than that, you can find an index of my publications on my (old) website. Yes, it needs a good Saturday afternoon's worth of updates, but in the mean time, that should give you roughly a short novel's worth of content to enjoy. :-)

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