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Friday, June 24, 2011

CAST 2011 Emerging Topics - Get Involved & Deadline

This year, the Conference for the Association for Software Testing is doing something a little different -- creating an Emerging Topics Track that is crowd-sourced.

That's right -- anyone attending the conference can propose a topic, which we expect to be 20-minutes in length, and anyone, anyone at all, can vote topics up or down. Pete Walen and I will be the track moderators.

Of course, you long-term Creative Chaos readers know that.

... so why haven't you voted? Why haven't you entered a talk? (If you have entered a talk, have you told your friends about it?)

We'd like to have an actual, like, you know, track for the conference, and announce it up-front, so people can choose which talks to attend.

That means we have to shut down the process sometime before the conference in order to create and publish the tracks -- publish them early enough that people can make an informed decision.

We expect to close the submissions and voting for the Emerging Topics Track on July 1st, 2011.

That gives you a week to get your proposals and votes in.

Email myself or Pete Walen for an invitation to the wiki.

We really want to make this awesome.

Will you help us?

1 comment:

Matthew said...

Update: I found a cool bug in socialtext this morning doing this, that directly impacts the proposal system. First one to find it gets a beer at CAST ... :-)