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Thursday, October 19, 2006

But don't take my word for it

After the IQAA Conference, a lot of people asked about my speaking and what I did to practice. I just put out a long post on public speaking.

That presupposes that the talk was any good. You could listen for yourself and decide.

The title is "So You're Doomed" -
Here's a link to the PowerPoint (5MB)
And the Audio (45MB)

And I forgot Stephen Covey and Dale Carnegie, but of which were very helpful to me personally.


Karen N Johnson said...

Well you can take my word for it. I was at IQAA and I was at your presentation. Your presentation was terrific although I don't feel like you presented. I felt like you talked to me (and a large group of people). I felt like I knew you when you were done. I heard how you think, I heard how you drew conclusions. I can recall more of what you had to say than many presentations I have seen because the way you presented. Great job Matt.

Charlieist said...

Yeah, ditto to what Karen said. I felt like we were just talking. But that's what you said about not being a person and not a talking head...

Charlieist said...

Of course I meant "being a person"... Clearly that comment was pre-coffee.