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Monday, April 09, 2007

Way Over Book-ed ...

I know, the past few months haven't provided the typical Creative Chaos output.

So, here's what I have been doing -

1) Evaluating Submissions for Lightning Talks at STAREast this year - which I hope to announce this week.
2) Preparing for a private workshop in Orlando, in May,
3) Working on a pre-publication book review for Addison-Wesley,
4) Trying to get around to doing the review of Brian Marick's Everyday Scripting with Ruby,
5) Lining up Keynote Speakers and Tutorial Speakers for GLSEC 2007. No, recruiting high-level speakers is not all glory; there is a lot of nagging and contracts involved. Though it is, mostly glory ...
6) Working on lining up sponsors for GLSEC 2007. This mostly consists of asking polietly, with the ocassional grovelling. I am sad to say, this one is not glory at all. And no, I don't make a dime on GLSEC, it, plus the local perl user's group, are my big volunteer work for the industry.
7) Trying to do any writing at all. I think the testing challenge of a few weeks back could be published, if only I would ever get off my duff.
8) will lose it's web host next week. Find a new one.
9) In my free time, I need to get started on my 2008 speaking schedule

Then there's the kids, family, Church, knights of columbus, and the real work that lets me do this fun stuff. Oh, and something about colored eggs or a bunny or something.

It's been a whirl.

So, for this month, I have scaled back Creative Chaos, and, yes, this week I am scaling back my regular exercise routine to get some things knocked off that list.

Next on my to-do list: Learn to evaluate opportunities in light of what I can actually accomplish ...


One thing you can say about being overbooked: It ain't boring ...

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