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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Technical Debt - Workshop

I am pleased to announce the first Workshop On Technical Debt (WOTD) will be held August 14/15 on the Campus of Calvin College in West Michigan. The event is organized by Mr. Steve Poling and myself, and will be facilitated by Mike Kelly, president of the Association for Software Testing. We will hold a social the evening of the 13th.

This is not an exhibition conference with hundreds of attendees and prepackaged speeches. That kind of training certainly has a place, but this workshop is different. It is a chance for a dozen people to roll up our sleeves, talk about what happens in the real world, share experiences, ideas, and lessons learned. Every "attendee" will be a participant, expected to be bring ideas and challenge, critique, and improve the ideas of others.

This is a chance to be personally involved in increasing the software development body of understanding. To increase the state of the art - and - possibly - influence the practice.

Oh, and It's going to be an absolute blast.

And free. Yes, that's right, I see no reason to charge for this workshop. I will not be able to cover your travel or food expenses, but we are working out a few sponsorship deals to *help* a little bit with those expenses.

Now, all participants are expected to present something for discussion; that can be a lightning talk, experience report, one-page position paper, case study, simulation ... it doesn't matter. The first draft of The Call for Participation is up on the website.

As I mentioned earlier, seating will be limited to 15 (at most, 20) participants and is by application and invitation only. Details on how to apply are available in the CFP.

Are you in?

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