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Friday, April 11, 2008

STPCon Draws near ....

I'll be spending the weekend (or, at least, a lot of it) prepping for the Software Test&Performance Conference in San Mateo, California. If you'll be there, please shoot me a note, we'll find a few minutes to talk and maybe run through some testing challenges.

If you can't make it, I still have something for you - my article "Where Do I Go From Here?" On career management software testers appears in the April Issue of Better Software Magazine. While it is a subscription based magazine, I am allowed to give out copies of my article as a PDF.

Want more? You can can follow the link above for a free issue of the magazine, and a subscription link if you want more after that.


Pradeep Soundararajan said...

I enjoyed reading every line of that and if I'd want more enjoyment, I better re-read it :)

I remember the following story that I heard from my father long back and do not know the source:

Two candidates were being interviewed by a famous News Agency. The interviewer wanted to check the kind of information they collect and set a mission for them to achieve before taking a decision of who to hire amongst the two.

The mission for both was: One of the biggest ship has arrived at our local port for the first time. Our readers might be interested to read the description of the beauty and architecture of the ship. Go get it!

When the two went to the port, there was lot of commotion as the ship had caught fire. One of them returned on witnessing the ship in flames and reported that the mission could not be accomplished and stated the reason.

The other came back collecting information about how the ship caught fire? what would be the estimated loss? who witnessed it? and a bunch of other information.

He came back and submitted a report that impressed the editor and so did he get the job.

The one who came with a lot of information that was of great interest to the News Agency got the job.

Moral that my dad told me: There is opportunity everywhere, some see it and some don't. If you want to be like the one who got the job, you have to learn to see the opportunity hiding everywhere.

I learned it pretty well and I am still learning it.

Moral from my experience: There are lot of stories we have heard but we have consciously or sub consciously made an effort to not learn from it and end up as losers.

I also remember a Birbal story in which he picks clues so well that others trying to solve the same problem doesn't even see them as clues.

Anonymous said...

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