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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

So, what's next?

I could continue to explore the tech debt metaphor, or tell you what it's like to plan a peer conference of it's size.

I am continuing to read Peter Drucker, and have several gems that I could post and discuss.

I've been considering the formulaic "four steps to success" programs that are so popular in development and testing, and alternatives to them. I have posts on this.

I could explore what I see as two kinds of QA - the intense, critical thinking school and the defined/documented/prevention school - and some of the tragic hilarity that results when people get the two confused.

I have a number of posts planned about th expectations gap between devs, testers, and product management, and how to deal with questions like "Why didn't QA catch that?" or "From now on, you should test for (whatever went wrong today) on every cycle" - or what to do when you realize that the team won't hit the date a month before anyone else does.

... but that's the stuff I'd like to talk about.

What do you want to read? What do you want to hear? What interests you?

Without feedback, I'm just a talking head, floating in space.

Please help me out here ...


Anonymous said...

just found your blog (through google readers recommendations), and have to say: i like what i read and the proposed topics sound very interesting.... keep em coming ;)

Phil said...

All the things in your list sounded good - get posting !

As I've just started a management course I'd like to read your Drucker gems

and I'd like to read how you answer the questions you posed

Shrini Kulkarni said...


>>> could explore what I see as two kinds of QA

When did you change from "testing" to "QA" ? I am asking because, you are not the one who says "QA" and mean testing and vice-versa ...

Are you planning to write about "QA" not about "testing"? I see some mix up in some portions of your post between QA and testing (as in "Why did not QA catch that" ... you may be quoting what people "generally" talk about ...")

I am sure you would agree with me that difference between QA and Testing is just about symantics - it is about practive and what to expect out of each ...


Unknown said...

I liked the technical debt set, probably mostly because I agree with you. But, your other insights are just as refreshing and valid.

If I had a choice, I would be looking for thoughts, ideas, rants, links on testing in an Agile world with no budget. I won't ever see a large package like Mercury. We survive on using XLS and DOC files with manual testing.

Must be someone else in that boat.