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Friday, November 14, 2008

A decent test URL

Say you're testing an application, like Blogger, that allows the user to type in a URL, and then should have a link show up in the edit window.

You are concerned about getting the URL cut-off the page, or beyond the input constraint, etc, and so you want to do bounds testing on a URL that is real - but also really big.

Here's one to bookmark:

Ironically enough, on Blogger, the click-through is intact but the line doesn't wrap - so - at least on FireFox - I can't see the entire URL.

We call this kind of test the quicktest - Elisabeth Hendrickson even has a cheat sheet for some quick tests to consider for input.

What are /your/ favorite quicktests?


Eric Willeke said...

I can't say I have my favorite quick tests beyond the obvious, but that worksheet is one I've loved for a while.

Anonymous said...

That's a cool URL. It may be long, but it doesn't put into test all the URL options that are available and some application might mess up.

A better testing URL would be something like: