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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I got an email today with a link to this post, pointing out that the vast majority of the material was simply taken from my site without attribution. In "the west" (the united states and Europe) we consider this plagarism; in college, it can get you kicked out - in publishing, it can land you in jail.

I choose to be flattered. But, if the author wanted to add an attribution and link to Creative Chaos - gosh, that would actually be nice.

The author apologized and removed his material from his blog, implying it was a coincidence. I wish we could have talked; if it was a coincidence, he didn't need to remove it. If it wasn't, I'd just like a little credit! :-)


Phil said...

Haven't spotted any of my entries being plagiarised yet, I need to up my game !!

I've found a few plagiarised blogs - easy to spot as the content never matches the rest of the site ( or seems familiar ) and a quick Google finds the original content. The plagiarists dont seem to have any shame though

Aditya Kalra (Ady) said...

Hi I didn't intend to copy anything, It was just an effort to collate some information on how software testing came into existence....I am extremely sorry and i shall remove "The History mystery of Software testing" from my blog.
My sincere apologies to you.

Anonymous said...

Possibly you should activate spell check on your blog. Plagiarism is spelled wrong. . . :-)