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Monday, May 11, 2009

Amazon Review

Did you know that James Bach refer to Jerry Weinberg as the "Prince of Testers"?

Did you know that Jerry led the first documented independent test team, in the 1950's?

Did you know that Jerry came out with a book on testing last year, called Perfect Software: And Other Illusions about Testing?

I've just put up my review on Amazon. If you've ever felt "stuck" explaining the impossibility of complete testing or framing expectations - or answering a question that begins "Couldn't you just ..." - you might want to buy a copy and find a subtle way to get your boss to read it.

It makes a great Birthday, Christmas, or "Anniversary with the company gift". Or just buy a copy, leave it on your desk, and when some snoop starts leafing through it, let 'em borrow it. At twenty bucks, it is one of the cheapest investments you can possibly make in your career and work environment.

(I have no financial relationship to Jerry or Dorset House. Really. It's just a good book.)

1 comment:

Markus Gärtner said...

On the german amazon page there is a review from a german guy who seems to disagree with you. Translating the comment he raises that point that "explaining to management that you can 'testing everything' has become obsolete".

Just yesterday I started my first book from Jerry Weinberg myself (too late, yes, but I'm working on it.) In the forword of "Becoming a Technical Leader" Ken Orr describes the turtle story of Jerry's books and now I'm wondering whether the german reviewer did not see the turtles in the book and it would be quite worthwhile reading "Perfect Software" for me or not.

Since we exchanged in the last few months I tend to trust you more than the german guy on amazon and therefore put the book on my list for this year.