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Monday, September 21, 2009

... and thanks for all fish

Just over three years ago, I was having dinner after the Indianapolis QA Conference with Mike Kelly, and he said "Matt, do you even have a blog?"

Well, er, ha ha ha, I've got an old perl user's blog I haven't updated lately, and before that I had a web page I hand-edited to make journal entries before blogging software was popular.

In other words, no, not really.

And Creative Chaos was born.

It's been a good three years. A few of my favorite posts and ideas:

- I wrote a position on tech debt and (with a lot of help from my friends Steve Poling and Patrick Bailey) went on to start a peer conference on the subject
- A definitional piece on the meaning of a test framework.
- The boutique tester idea was proposed right here, just a few months ago.
- Sean McMillan and I proposed the ideas for the "Balanced Breakfast Approach" at the Google Test automation conference, and yes, I've written a little bit about it here.
- Likewise, Sean suggested the Bowl of Fruit problem to me, and I covered how it applies to testing.
- That original IQAA talk I gave? Well, I recorded the audio and put it up as an early post.

Now, I've never employed a "search engine optimizationist", and I don't use META tags. Yet as of today, the number one Google search result for "The Boutique Tester" is this blog. The number one Google result for "Balanced Breakfast Approach Software" is this website. Search for "Bowl of Fruit Problem Software" and yes, Creative Chaos is first. (The number two result for "What is a test framework?" is this website; the first is an online dictionary. I think I can live with that.)

And it's going away.

Oh, no, I'm not going to stop blogging. That's just crazy talk. My blog is moving to be hosted by the folks at the STPCollaborative, and will become "Testing at the Edge of Chaos".

The RSS feed switched over last week, so subscribers should see now difference.

For those who aren't subscribed to the RSS feed, go ahead, switch over the new blog. I've already put my first blog post up.

See ya around!


Henrik Emilsson said...

And it has been terrific 3 years to follow you here...

Thanks for your thoughts and I hope you continue in this spirit!

Henrik Emilsson

BTW, for me the search for "Balanced Breakfast Approach Software" generates 5 other results before the Creative Chaos site. And this happens because Google tries to guess the best result for you, and this is based upon your history of browsing etc.
You should never trust Google! :-)

Matthew said...

Well, Henrik, that explains a lot. It's kinda sad, but it explains a lot! :-)

I tried a new search without logging in, and at least "The Boutique Tester" and "Bowl of Fruit Problem software" are still the first result. Whew. :-)

patrickwilsonwelsh said...

Dude, your perspective is uniquely valuable to me, and not only because you are in my backyard. Count me among your loyal fans, and among those who keep trying to find a way to work with you.

Oh, and I will be asking your help reviewing some stuff sometime soon. :)