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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

And now ... more articles!

I've been busy writing and interviewing the last several weeks, and the articles are starting to come through the pipeline. Let's see here ...

* 25 Agilists to Follow on Twitter, my stab in the dark at twenty-five people to look into -- and why!

* Building a Better Build System", an interview with Peter Smith

* Cloud Computing Conundrum, an interview with Chris Moyer

* Beyond Process and Tools" with the Authors of the new book Individuals and Interactions: An Agile Guide.

* I interviewed my friend Shmuel Gershon on Fuzzing and Fault Modeling

* And also the folks at Menlo Innovations on establishing and growing a test practice.

Then there's the dead tree editions

* A few months back my colleague, Robert Martin, asked me to contribute the foreward to The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers"; it ships this month and is available now for pre-order from Amazon.

* Speaking of books, our book "How to Reduce the Cost of Software Testing" will be out in September, but you can also pre-order it from Amazon. By our I mean, well, our. The book is a contributed work; my role is senior editor and author of one chapter. The list of contributors is a veritable "Who's Who" in software testing, from Jon Bach to Cem Kaner and Selena Delesie.

Don't worry -- plenty more to come.

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