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Monday, June 27, 2011

New Articles Up - And Plenty of Them!

I was looking at my personal wiki right now, and noticed that the 'submitted' category seemed far too large. It was; a number of my submitted articles are now published. Here's a quick list:
Barriers to Scrum Adoption
Painless Process Improvement
Configuration Management: Does your team have enough?
Defining Configuration Management
Embedded Agile with Nancy Van Schooenderwoert: An Interview
Testing International Applications
Interview with Johanna Rothman: Part I
Interview with Johanna Rothman: Part II
Testing Cloud-Based Applications (Part I) and STQA Magazine:
How Children Learn (To Test)
Ask The Tester With James Bach

... there's a bit more, but I suspect that's enough for today, don't you think?

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