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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Speaking in Ann Arbor - July 22nd - Evening

I just signed up to speak on Agile Testing in Ann Arbor July 22nd, 2009.

The event starts at 6:15 and includes dinner for just seven bucks.

Here's my abstract:

How then, should we test?
Traditional ("waterfall") development relies on a single test/fix/retest cycle at the end of the process. Agile and iterative development implies dozens of quick iterations per year - vastly increasing the testing burden. Matt Heusser will discuss the dynamics of software testing on agile projects, some of the more popular approaches, and finally lay out how his team does testing at Socialtext, including a brief demo of some of the dev/test toolset they have development. Matt will make some bold statements about software testing that you may -- or may not - agree with. The only thing he can promise is that you'll leave the room thinking - and you certainly will not be bored

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