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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

2007 - Potential Tutorials

I also have a ideas that could turn into half-to-multi day tutorials. Again, I'd be interested in any feedback. Yes, I know the how to break software tutorial needs work. It's goofy. Mostly, it's just the start of the germ seed of an idea, but I think it has potential. I am looking for feedback ...

Test Driven Development: Introduced
A 1-to-1.5 day tutorial and workshop
1 hour – Introduction to loops, variables, and subroutines
(Optional, over lunch?)
½ Day – Introduction to perl with exercises
½ Day - Introduction to TDD
½ Day – Hands-on TDD
Take-Away: Learning Perl (Wall)

‘Agile’ Testing: Demystified
Alt Title: Introduction to Agile Testing
Alt Title 2: Introduction to Agile Testing Practices
A ½ to 1 day tutorial/workshop
The Agile Manifesto has swept the software development community, but what does it mean for software testing? No, really, how can we apply it? In this tutorial Matt Heusser will explain the software agile manifesto in three ways: With words, examples, and participative effort, then step back and discuss and do some agile software testing.

This workshop intends to answer the following questions:

What the heck is this agile thing?
Would this agile thing be helpful to my organization?
If yes, how much?
How can I influence my organization to be more agile?
After all, “I am just a
How does the tester role fit into this agile thing?
What are the limits of developer-facing testing, and how is black box testing different? How and should black-box testing “compete” against developer-facing testing?
What should I do on Monday?

Software Leadership
A 1-to-2 day tutorial
½ day – Software Management
½ day – Hiring the best
½ day – Solving the requirements problem
½ day – Software Scheduling Secrets
Take-Away: Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management

Test Case Design
A 1 day tutorial
Take-Away: A practitioner’s guide to software test design (Copeland)

Black Box Software Testing
A 1-2 day course that discusses challenges and approaches to software testing

What is software testing?
-> Applied Critical thinking
-> Can happen throughout the lifecycle
-> White Vs. Black-Box

Challenges of Software Testing
Risk-based testing approaches and Rapid Testing Approaches
Requirements-based testing approaches
Test Estimation
Bug Advocacy
Domain Testing
Regression Testing
Test Automation
Test-Driven Development
Automated System Tests
Automated Acceptance Tests
Continuous Integration

How To Break Software: A Classic Approach
A 1-2 day course that introduces critical and creative thinking
- Career Paths
Exercise #1
- Test Cases for a salt shaker
A history of innovation
- Da Vinci, Gauss, Netwon, Asimov, Fenyman, Weinberg, Van Neuman, Turing, Goedel, Escher

Logic and Rational Thought
- Truth Tables, predicate logic, logical fallacy

Discrete Mathematics
- Venn

The philosophers
- Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Ayn Rand, …

The philosophies
- Classical, Baroque, Enlightenment, Romance, Modern, Post-Modern
- Relativism, Epistemology
Exercise: Define where CMM, Waterfall, XP, RUP, fall on the continuum
- Plato’s Cave
Exercise: Find examples in the world of software testing
Number Theory
- Deduction Vs Induction
- Classic Proofs (Limits Problems, Pattern Recognition, Fibonacci)
- Relationship of Acceleration to Velocity to Distance
- Newton’s Proof of Integration
Group Thinking
- Group Problem Solving
- Exercise
The world system
- 90% of everything
- Zen&The Art of MM? (Drucker, Deming, Juran)
Exercise #2
- Applied thinking about the world system
Exercise #3
- Test Cases for a stapler

1 comment:

David Walker said...

Hmmm. Lots of testing topics. Remember, testing is QC, and too late in the the cycle, even unit testing.
Who has creative ideas the break out of the traditional SQA lines? Agile princicples lead in that direction. Any other such ideas?