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Monday, November 06, 2006

Unit Testing Frameworks

I just posted this to the BBST (Black Box Software Testing) course discussion list; I thought it might be worth repeating here:

If you aren't excited about the nUnit test automation frameworks, Test::Tutorial is an excellent alternative, if Perl-centric:

I saw Schwern and Chromatic give this OSCon in 2003 - oddly enough, it's where I met Danny Faught.

Schwern also gave this talk at YAPC 2002, and the audio is available on-line:

If you are not a perl programmer but would like to implement the test functions mike talks about in your language, I put a post about that on my (old) blog a few years back:

(Yes, a few years ago I had a blog that I stopped maintaining ... just doesn't seem to be the right home for this stuff.)


Anonymous said...

One of the things I love about Perl's approach to test frameworks is its flexibility. On top of the simple Test::Builder/Harness framework you can use specification based testing frameworks using Test::LectroTest , data driven tests using Test::Base, xUnit frameworks using Test::Class, domain specific tests Test::WWW::Mechanize, Test::ISBN, etc. and they all play nice together because they're built on the same infrastructure. Handy.

Anonymous said...

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