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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Conferences - III

So, I was going to blog about all the neat people I met at STAREast - Ben Simo, Dawn Hayes, Susan Herrick, Shrini Kulkarni, Iris Trout, and Dani Almog topping the list. I believe these people are what Cem Kaner refers to as the "Next Generation Test Architects."

Then I was going to blog about the vendors and the expo. Despite Dani's doubts, I think there were at least two vendors with new, interesting ideas - of course, if you've never been to one, then all the vendors had something to offer. (And not just trinkets for the kids, either ...)

But first, some breaking news!

Remember my promise to help you get to a conference? Well, I intended to wax philosophic about personal excellence and how to attract opportunities - but if you live on the eastern seaboard, it's here.

The google test automation conference is August 23rd & 24th. It's run by google for reputation and excellence, not money, and it is free. That's right -- if you are accepted, then all you have to cover are your travel expenses. It is two days, so your boss might actually let you off. More importantly, it is prestigious even to attend, and it's Google. Suddenly, convincing the boss to get the time off just got a lot easier, right?

The interesting thing about a free conference is that you can have an application process even for attendees - and GTAC does. You can apply to attend GTAC here - applications are due by June 15.

I'll be there, giving a talk about, ironically enough, a particular form of developer-facing design verification called Interaction Based Testing.

If you can't make it but are interested, email me; I'm always looking for peer review.

If you can make it, then cool, let's chat at the conf!

If you live in the eastern seaboard and don't apply for this, then you void the guarantee. If you live elsewhere, keep reading - I'll get you to a conference, really ...

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