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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Last week Sean and I had lunch with Elisabeth Hendrickson, where we kicked around our ideas on interface-based testing.

Working with Elisabeth was great. A lot of "gurus" like to take over the discussion, manipulating the meeting so that they are the clear superior. The problem with this is that the meta-gaming can muck up the conversation - the actual problem that you are supposed to be trying to solve.

At the very least, I expected the audience to beat up on our ideas - to give heavily critical peer review. Hey, we can take it.

Elisabeth did neither. She listened, engaged us in a dialog, and gave clear, insightful peer review without having to resort to word violence, and without fighting over position.

I am double impressed.

She also has "TestObsessed" T-Shirts that are pretty neat; you can buy them in a CafePress store.

This got me to thinking about ExcelonDevelopment T-Shirts. I'd use the XNDEV logo in the top-left, but that's not much printing for a shirt.

So I think I would like to put some pithy sayings on the back.

My current idea is something like this:

Excelon Development "Bug Stop 2007" Tour
March 23rd - IQAA, Indianapolis, IN
May 16th - STAREast, Orlando, FL
Aug 23rd - GTAC, New York City
Nov 7th - GLSEC, Grand Rapids, MI

But I dunno. Here's a few other ideas, offhand ...

"All your bugs are belong to us"

"Test Automation that doesn't suck"

"Making Promises -- and Keeping them -- what a concept"

"When you are tired of methodology mania and metrics madness, call us"

"Because People Over Process should mean something"

"Ask me about software testing"

Do you have a better idea?

If I use your idea and order shirts, you'll get a free shirt.

1 comment:

Phil said...

"just when you thought it was safe to ship"

"A bugs life is a short one"