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Thursday, May 03, 2007

STAR East Lightning Talk LineUp!

I am pleased to announce the initial line-up for lightning talks at STAR East, 2007:

Scott Barber, Performance Testing in Five Minutes
James Bach, What I do when I see a product for the first time
Erwin Van Trier, Expect the right result
Matthew Heusser, Random Thoughts on Offshore Testing
Shrini Kulkarni, Traps in Test Effort Estimation
Marcia Knous, Don't Break The Web
Sivakumar Thekkenaduvath, Improving Test Automation Efficiency
Leland Smith, Selling Inspections
Michael Bolton, Rapid Test Estimation

---> We had two cancellations in the weeks leading up to the conference, so I will be stepping in. My thoughts on Offshoring will be the honest truth that so many are scared to discuss. My goal is to begin a genuine, non-buzzwordy discussion of the economics of outsourcing.

Of course, my opinion changes as my experience and knowledge change, and I research all the time. If you have strong opionions about outsourced testing, drop me a line, or look for me at the conference --- but do it before Thursday, May 17th!


Anonymous said...

If there are any more cancellations, I would be happy to fill in as well.

Ben Simo said...

Great line-up. If I weren't presenting at the same time, I'd say that lightning talks are great things that should not be missed. :)

Perhaps I should just create a model-based presentation and let my computer present for me. ;)