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Monday, January 15, 2007

An Actual Job Description I saw today -

For a senior programmer/analyst type ...

Must possess a strong understanding of software engineering principles including data normalization, structured programming, and software development life cycles.

How about this: Must understand, evaluate, and demonstrate the inherent problems with the term "Software Development Life Cycle", and it's strengths and weaknesses in use as a model ...

What do you think?


Kerry Buckley said...

There's a business analyst vacancy on at the moment which requires:

"expereince [sic] with at least 2 analysus [sic] methods/products e.g. RUP, Agile, Application modelling or waterfall".

I'm not sure what kind of company would want someone experienced in two of those, but not care which two.

Ben Simo said...

I have read many resumes that state that the subject has a complete understanding of the "Software Development Life Cycle".

To me, such statements are an admission to a lack of experience.